What is Zoologic Woo?

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Sahhhh my beautiful homiesapiens! You’ve erred by some bizarre logic of the cosmos onto the official website for Zoologic Woo! Which… I’m not totally sure how to define what ZW is sometimes. Is it a moniker for myself? Is it the title for the miscellaneous portfolio featured throughout this little ornery corner of the web? Once, it was the name I’d envisioned for a band that never quite materialized, maybe resulting from my mediocre musicianship and fleeting attention span. The name comes from a poem I wrote that you’ll find around here somewhere with luck, but for less intrepid explorers: it originates with the Goodall Wooten dormitory in Austin, TX, where I lived briefly along with several zany, cherished friends who inspired much of the literary and artistic content found here. The Woo closed permanently sometime in the last couple years, but in this tiny way it lives on, I like to think.

I’ve published some of this stuff online under the names “dimz” and “uhmuzing” and probably other names. I’m feeling out “Rosso Keir” as a properly literary pen name. At present I live in Denton, TX and am graduating soon from the University of North Texas. I’m in my mid-20s. I have two cats whom I love. I love reading and writing, especially weird fiction and sci-fi, horror, and poetry. I love to draw and paint. I love music, especially noise/grungy rock, punk rock and artsy weird stuff, electronic/dance music, film and video game scores, jazz, etc. I love coffee, particularly French roast and really bitter espresso.

Updating this About page in the summer of 2022, there’s actually not a whole lot on my website that is very recent. Most of what you’ll find dates between 2014 through Spring of 2021. That includes a home-recorded noise-rock EP, a self-published book of poems, more poems, abstract acrylic paintings, digital art pieces, short stories ranging from comedy to horror, excerpts from aborted novels, and probably other random things. Feel free to peruse and have fun. I’m currently working on a proper debut novel, or maybe more accurately a semi-connected series of zany short stories, which I’m about 50k words into. Shooting for an August or September completion date. Also working on a separate novel that is simultaneously more fantastic, more cohesive and more serious, but that’ll probably take me into 2023.

If looking to contact me for collaborative inquiries, indictments of character, or wanton praise attached to lucrative donations, then your best bet is DM via Instagram @zoologicwoo or emailing zoologicwoo@gmail.com

Have fun!