What is Zoologic Woo?

IMG_4273 upsidedownme

Hey-yo homiesapiens! You’ve erred miraculously onto the official website for Zoologic Woo! Which… I’m not totally sure how to define what ZW is at times. Sometimes I think of it as a moniker for myself, this self that is also called uhmuzing or dimz. Or perhaps ZW is applicable more to the collective body of work that is artistic or literary, especially the particular things which I am most proud of and which you will find around this website. These things include a little rock EP, a book of poetry intended but as yet unrealized as music, paintings and digital artworks, and other myriad written goofs and stories.

So this webspace serves primarily as an online portfolio for all that. As chaotically rendered and unpolished as many of the works around here are, they are for now my proudest and most complete artistic achievements, and I am absolutely proud of them, maybe even because of their rough idiosyncrasies. There are not many things I produce that are very much autobiographical or based on myself, being more interested in characters, but the entirety of my work is I think or hope productive of a good overall picture of me. Inevitably I tend to define myself by the volume and characteristics of my creative works, creativity being one of the essential virtues in human beings in my opinion.

There ought to be a way to contact t.dav for collaborative inquiries, indictments of character, or wanton praise, especially attached to lucrative donations. Your best bet is DM via Instagram @zoologicwoo or emailing zoologicwoo@gmail.com

Lastly I’m sincerely grateful to everyone who takes the time to peruse this site in any capacity, and I hope the rest of your day is blessed.