Here you will find miscellaneous examples of my published pieces of writing through the years. These include some short stories, brief screenplays, the intro to a movie I was writing, and also excerpts from a couple different books I was writing!
Over time I transitioned to writing longer works, at least a couple of which are as yet unfinished but will, soon I hope, be worthy of “traditional” publishing processes. As such, the works collected on this page are mainly older and relatively unpolished, being composed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

– t.davenport (@zoologicwoo)

Excerpts from The Beatbook (tentatively titled) by t.dav
Xan’d Dentin’ Act III Ch I
Phlegmy Undertaking Act I Ch VIII
Of note, these two stories are set in the same universe as the ‘Pluto Zealot’ and ‘Saccharin’ poetic arcs in my book Wyvern Fun.

Excerpt from Abyssmos (tentatively titled) by t.dav
The Cork of the World (Act I, Chapter III)
This was a rough draft for a chapter in a dark fantasy/sci-fi novel I had written off-and-on a few years back.

Excerpts from 20 Days I Swore I’d Never Speak Of by Xavier X. Harken:
Foreword by XXH
Your Lord and Xavier

Short Goofs:
untitled 01
Intragalactic Correspondence
EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Richter Leland
what if it’s flat
The Crime of Solipsism
On Break
Snot on the Cement
The Turn of Pfaffly Hall
EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Yohn Engelheim

The Vantage at the Margin of Departure

Il Pegaso Spagnolo
So these first 20 pages were meant to be the initial scenes for a 100-120pg movie I was beginning to write. I may or may not finish it tho but still I was pleased with the general chaos of this opening.

Short Scenes:
The Trust
Beat Flies
Hippo X
Jürgen Objects
The Burned Queen

Misc. Poetry:
Misc. Poems from Fall 2021